Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The moment that we have all been waiting for...Cloth•Paper•Scissors - Jan/Feb 2007 is here and our dear friend and customer's premier art work is on the cover. We have been awaiting this moment ever since Cheryl Prater told us that they had chosen her project. Not only is it on the cover but there are 6 full cover pages devoted to the Sixtyopoly Game that she created for her mother in law's 60th birthday. We saw the game when she brought it to show us back in August and my first thought was " let's get this in Cloth Paper Scissors". The process began and here it is. We have plenty of copies available here at the shop... but wait! It's not all about Cheryl. This is the first of the every other month publication and there is an article on quilting with paper monoprints, and artist profile with ricki arno, textured valentine assesmblages, The wonder of lutradur, muse-ical exchange, the power of RED and "My egg book".

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