Thursday, December 28, 2006

I was just thinking this morning as I read my emails just how many talented, creative and inspiring people I meet on a daily basis. From photographers, to graphic artists, to poets, to mixed media artists, to quilters and jewelry artists and it continues into every possible imaginable area of art. Just think about it... every day I feel the energy of so many talented men and women. I love it.
So, in honor of this, I though I would mention a few that I may have forgotten over the past year.
First of all there is Janet Micek, a customer from Charlotte who had a story to tell in the latest Legacy publication from Somerset Publications.
She wrote about her love for her mother and sent along a project that she created, never expecting it to be featured in a full page article. It's a sincere & heartwarming tribute to her mother and to herself. Congratulations Janet for your work.

Over the holidays I received emails and links from other talented artists who shared their web sites with me. One of those is Fulvia Luciano
I met her through Jan Bode Smiley and Judy Sy when they visited her several weeks ago.
Fulvia is a mixed media artist who works mainly with fiber and photographs from her world travels. She explains her work quite elequantly and the galleries section is amazing. Please be sure to visit her website.
One of all all time favorite artists and friends, Martine House, forwarded us a link to some of her new work and we wanted to share that with you, too. We are fortunate enough that Martine lives in our area however with her busy, busy schedule she is not able to teach here as often as we would like. Please be sure to link onto her site to view her incredible work and see when she will be here teaching at Random Arts.

Now that the new year is almost upon us (less then 24 hours and counting) I can look forward to 2 months of "free time" when I can develop classes, work on new projects and get ready for Charlotte. One of the things that we are doing at both Myrtle Beach and Charlotte is teaching workshops at our hotel in the evenings. Stay in touch with us if you are in one of those two areas for the times, dates and descriptions of what we are doing.

For now, my very best wishes to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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