Monday, September 29, 2008

She's on her way. . .

This time it's about family and that's something that you don't generally see on my blog, however this week is different. My youngest daughter, Jonquil, who lives in Bozeman, Montana celebrated 3 extraordinary lifetime events last week.
Whitefish, MT is home to the Two Bear Marathon
and I am excited to report that
she finished first in her age group & 6th in overall women.

With that said and done she was on way via Amtrak Empire Builder through the edge of Glacier National Park onward to Seattle where she became engaged to Erik Nelson, the love of her life.

Erik is a lifelong resident of Bozeman, which is unheard of these days in Bozeman. With family in the area including his parents, he and Jonquil plan to stay in town Bozeman where both of them can walk or ride bikes to work. He is partner in Think Tank Design Group and she is.... well, that's the other story!
She just signed a contract last week with The Greater Yellowstone Coalition as an associate development director. Her work with the Wilderness Society and the Sonoran Institute guided her on this path to her lifelong dream. Living and working in Bozeman, Montana and marrying the man of her dreams... Life doesn't get better than this for this 35 year old go-getter.


  1. How exciting for your daughter! That's quite a trifecta! Love your new Web site. I'll be emailing you about the challenge. Maybe you will get this collaborative effort published in a book or mag?? Enjoying getting caught up on blog posts I've missed. Heading to A&S tomorrow.

  2. She looks just like you! Honestly, you're the only one I know who started having kids when they were 12! Her life sounds full of exciting opportunities - yay.