Monday, September 08, 2008

Home again in Saluda

Our trip to Blowing Rock was an amazing adventure infused with enormous amounts of creativity, fun, food and inspiration. Check out this piece being transformed by Nancy..... from Waynesville and Indianapolis. She rusted the roof, with a few lessons from us, by using the Iron resurfacing product and the Instant Rust. What fun we had with that!!! So much patience was needed as we expected " instant gratification". She also used one of our very own "die cut bingo birds". Don't you just love it?

We had such a big space for our "assorted goods" filling it completely! Someone said that we must have brought it all in a tractor trailer. Little did they know that Joyce and I packed it all up in my little toyota matrix! We definitely had do some creative packing to get it all in there.
More posts to follow in the next few days


  1. you and Joyce did an awesome job of teaching and providing all of us with assorted goods. You guys are wonderful! I can't wait to get in the shop and start teaching and playing!

  2. I got some of that instant rust stuff but have not had much luck with it - this piece looks great!

    Maybe I need to come down there for a lesson:)