Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Feeling a little compressed?

Perfect for holiday gift giving for your
creative friends and family
We have just added some great new books
to stimulate your creativity...
Just look at these books and each comes highly
recommended by other
creative women.

Life is Sweet
333 Ways to Look on the Bright Side and
Find the Happiness in Front of You
by Addie Johnson

Stoking the Creative Fires
9 ways to rekindle passion & imagination

Permission to Dream
Stepping Stones to Create a
Life of Passion and Purpose
by Lisa Hammond

Attitudes of Gratitude
by M.J. Ryan

Did you know that?
  1. You are creative, even if you think you aren't?
  2. If you honor your creative impulses, they will multiply?
  3. Taking time off fuels your creativity?
  4. Being blocked or stuck is a normal part of the creative cycle?
  5. De-stressing your life sparks new inspirations?
  6. Mistakes are actually rerouting opportunities?
  7. Everyone's creative ideas get rejected sometimes?
  8. You can make money with your creative energy?
So, there you have it, several great idea books
and we offer free shipping to U.S.
Limited supply - order or reserve your copy now!

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