Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember way back when?

Ah yes, it was on Oct 7th that I announced a "follow me" game. Remember now?
Those of you that ARE followers. . . of my blog know just what I mean. . . a winner has
been "randomly" chosen
to receive a goodie box from Random Arts.
Follow my blog and win. Just click on
the "follow this blog" link in the right column.

Remember those
pictures of my shop? All those things just waiting to go to one of you, whose name is
chosen at "random".

The "FOLLOWING" (get it?) winner is
Karina America from New Orleans.

Congrats Karina!
Your package is on it's way!!!!

You can follow Karina's blog
to see just what kind of creative
projects she's working on.

Next Month - another winner
So continue to log on as a follower and the goodie box
from Random Arts could be yours too.


  1. Yay!!!! I am so excited to have won! Yay! This has made my day! I cannot wait to get my package! Fun fun!!

  2. YES Karina, it's you! How cool is that? So happy that I made your day & I hope it really really makes your day when you open it up!!!
    Jane - Random Arts