Sunday, November 16, 2008

& when it all comes together....

This is what we have!

An 8 foot, 3 sided tower of art constructed to hold the work of 72 artists from around the country has been set up at Random Arts. It's ready for your viewing so you can get a glimpse
of the variety of artists that have joined us for this first ever challenge of it's kind.

Many of the artists that have collaborated on this project have blogs and websites and we have linked to these so you you can get a sneak peek of additional work they have. Please click on any of the names in bold print to see a continuation of their work.

This display of individual work has been posted on my blog beginning with my entry on Nov 6th.
and will continue until all pages have been posted. Please let me know immediately if you have not seen your work or there are any misspellings or misprints... mistakes happen but not intentionally.

Feel free to call us to be sure that we are open, when you plan to visit. Normally we are here Tuesday through Sat. from 10ish to 5.

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