Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Patti Brady comes to Saluda again!

Mark your calendar for this 2 day workshop in our new studio March 20th & 21st for Patti Brady's 3rd annual teaching extravaganza in Saluda.
What to do with all your Golden Paint & Mediums????
This is your opportunity right here
in Saluda at Random Arts.

In this two day workshop we will work on a small 10" x 10"plexiglass box.
The boxes can hang on the wall or sit upright on a table,
We will play with layering images and acrylic glazes by
working on both sides of the box. The box is just a
departure point for us to explore a range of acrylic gels
and grounds. Included in the options of mark-making:
making acrylic skins, printed skins, dremel tools lines,
stencils, drips, drops, Iridescent and Interference paints and more.

I did a large commission for Whole Foods in Greenville , SC,
consisting of eight large 36' x 36" plexi panels that are
mounted a few inches from the wall. The light bounces
off the walls, and illuminates any translucent areas.
The light also creates shadows,,all of these elements
can be used in your boxes.

All the paint and gels will be provided by
Patti and Golden Artist Colors.

Remember... each one of you will come
away with a great working knowledge of the
Golden Artist Colors, Mediums and techniques
as well as your very own personalized work of art.

This is great opportunity to learn from the "master",
as Patti is the creative director at Golden Paints
and has a wealth of information and experience
that she is more than willing to share.
It's pure fun!

This talented teacher comes to us from Greenville, SC
but her former years are far from the west coast girl's beginnings.

Patti is demonstrating several techniques at one of her
workshops here in Saluda. Not a peep out of anyone
until it's all over. What good students we have in Saluda!

Patti's latest book "re-thinking" acrylic has been a huge success
for her and for all of us who delve into the Golden Paint products
to satisfy our need for creativity. This book walks you through
each product with easy to follow, step by step, full color
instructions and plenty of inspiration for branching
out and trying new techniques.
Below is Patti signing books in NYC last year.

Patti Brady is the Working Artist Program Director
for Golden Artist Colors. She has developed
curriculum for acrylic classes for artists
and art educators. Patti currently has trained
and manages 42 national and international artists
for the Golden Working Artist Program in the US.
Canada, Korea, France, Austria, Spain, Mexico
and the Netherlands. 2004 and 2006 she traveled
to Japan for Golden Artist Colors to lecture
at Universities in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.
This 2 day workshop is $195 and is payable through Paypal,
checks or cash.

Mail checks to Random Arts Po Box 3 Saluda, NC 28773

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