Monday, February 15, 2010

Wondering what's next.....

Some shows are good,
Some shows are great,
Some shows are so-so,
Some shows are fabulous,
Some shows are really bad,
Some shows require more work than others,
Some shows are filled with great energy,
Some shows instill emotion,
Some shows take my breath away,
And some shows make you think twice.
Like, wouldn't a Mixed Media Art Show
go really well in Saluda? Hendersonville?
Can you picture "us" coordinating
a show that 
all us would love?
Tease, tease, tease.....

With that said,
we are now preparing for a show that we 
 Great workshops!
Great Vendors!
Great Events!
Great, Great Coordinator - Lisa Ohmer
European Papers.

Both Louise Mc Clure and I  are looking forward to our
next road trip to Ohio.
Hopefully we will see many of you again
that we met last year and some of you we
know from your trips to Saluda.


  1. I'm looking forward to attending my 2nd Artiscape in April. You're so right. Lisa Ohmer and her team do an incredible job!!!!

  2. hello~
    i am so looking forward to seeing you again in columbus~will you be bringing those delicious recycled sari ribbons with you??
    see you soon...

  3. Oh yes I will be bringing more of that soft touchable silky ribbon in a bundle. I have some great colors, very vintage looking and maybe a few more to kick it up a notch. Thanks so much for showing your excitement about our booth at Artiscape. After this long cold winter we need some excited fans cheering us on!!!
    Random Arts
    Saluda, NC