Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring into Saluda with new workshops

Sat. March 27th
Kristi Steiner
Tool Kit for Creativity Workshop

10 am till 4pm

Imagine having a delectable kit

filled with helpful tools just waiting

to aide you in any creative emergency.

That's exactly the mission of this class!

Bumps, hurtles, and artist's blocks are part

of the creative process for us all.

Our goal is to create tools to gently nudge us through these challenging stages.

Our tool kit is an embellished cigar box, complete with paint brush handle. The first tool is an Owner's Manual – a small booklet fashioned from a metal label file folder. Here we note: everything necessary for authentic creativity is “All Inside!” A variety of dyes, daubers, gesso and paint techniques for textural backgrounds is demonstrated. A clear gesso transfer method is explained.

Next is a series of Permission Slip Bundles reminding us to play, to mess-up, and to experiment. Discover the possibilities of combining fabric with paper as you learn to use fusible web.

An altered match box houses Inspiration Seeds for times when ideas falter. And lastly we remind ourselves to Handle Gently the flowering of any new venture. Not only is our Tool Kit a visual treat, it is filled with helpful “power tools” for YOUR creativity!

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  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    This is so amazing: I haven't clicked on any blogs for weeks now, and I see yours and wow, I see a photo of my dearest friend Kristi, and the class description for a workshop she taught over here in the UK (to which I could not go!) - all the best for your Saluda workshops in 2010; it's just too far, way over the Atlantic.