Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy, "Mixed Up Maniacs" Saturday

The "mixeD maniacs" Cheryl Prater (in blue) and Debbi Crane (hiding) arrived in Saluda ready to rock and roll to the beat of the "Good Girl dolls" and the Beezle© Brigade...

Debbi started things off with a bang as everyone started cutting,
& stuffing & sewing colorful fabric together to create
their mixed media bodies. A few laughs were
thrown in for extra measure as each and everyone
of us, including me, completed our "good girl"
doll, totally handcrafted. We even painted
the faces! How's that for creativity?

Notice the "nice girl" head tilt?
Happy to be here!
L to R
Debbi Crane, Barbara Brockell, Carol Lee & Me!

When all was said and done .... a good time was had by all!
Dolls, fabric, clay, Birthday Cake (brought by Cheryl for Debbi Crane and me), wine, cheese & fruit, all mixed up for a fun filled, mixed mania book signing,
Saturday at Random Arts.
Wow, it doesn't get any better than this!!!
Cheryl bonds with her new
fb friend Connie Vlahoulis

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