Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ready to write!!!

Carol Sloan has it together when it comes
to doodling, huh?
Each page is brightly colored
and ready for journaling.

When I saw her journal pages
my first thought was "show me how
to do this, Carol"!!!

Apparently she is now working with
an editor to put these pages into
a book form - what a surprise!

I just love the way these pages speak to me
and almost "ask" me to write down my
innermost thoughts & my creative ideas.

Maybe we can get her to do a little
mini class on her process.


  1. Yes, yes, I hope you Carol will do a mini-class. I met her at Donna Downey's Inspired weekend ... in fact, we took the stamp carving class together. So much fun!

    I was enchanted by her pages and would love the opportunity to play with her.

  2. Wowee. Love the pages.

  3. Oh yes, Jane---a mini class with Carol!!! I will be there!!!!!!!!