Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woven Rug Books

I loved making this book!

Many thanks Sally Casper,
for inspiring me to make my woven "rug" book!
We call it a "rug" book because a couple of years
ago, Sally started one of the woven cuffs and
woven it both up and down instead of the way
we were doing it... just one way.
So she ended up with a really thick
piece of woven fabric... thus, "the rug".
Sally surprised me a few weeks ago
with a finished "rug book" project and
I got inspired by her, to take it in the same
direction. Although I did not remember what
her rug book looked like, I bought my batik
fabricsat the quilt show
in Hendersonville, and started weaving.
I must say that it does take a lot longer
to weave the cuff ribbon both ways.

These batik fabrics
really got me going.

Here's the cover with ragged edges
and a photo transfer sewn
with 2 little buttons for embellishment.

Inside, I used some handmade indigo paper
for interest, that I received as a gift
from Wendy McEntire, on some
140# watercolor paper.
I used waxed lined to sew the signatures
together with a simple pamphlet stitch.

On the back I added an inkjet transparency
"handmade" with Golden Fluid Matte Medium.

Here is Sally Casper's inspiration book

that got this whole thing started.

2 more views of Sally's "rug" book.
I love it!
Thank you Sally.


More of Sally Casper's work
can be seen
in the latest
Somerset publication on page 70.


  1. Jane- your rug book ROCKS IT! I LUV LUV LUV it! I've been devouring all the new juicy books & videos I got from you at the quilt show. Watched the Quilting Arts video with Ruth Rae...LUVed all the burning techniques! I've been testing out all kinds of organza/chiffon. Best find was curtain sheers at Goodwill for $2.00. They burn great:) Now look what you got me started with YOUR woven book class. Always a blast to hang at your shoppe :)

  2. Jen Salak11:20 AM

    oh your rug books rock!
    the colors!
    take it on the road!