Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Workshops in Saluda

We have filled the summer calendar with great workshops here at Random Arts with everything from the ever popular stamp carving, to the irresistible photo transfers of all kinds, mini strip cards which are fast fun and easy to do in just one hour, to creating either a meandering book or a woven book.

But wait there is even more, Jen is teaching classes this summer too. The first one is her very own, uniquely designed, one of a kind creation, entitled Sewn Eyelet Bound Book. It's funky, it's sewn, it's painted, distressed and it's very very cool.

She also thinking about doing the "batiking on tags" class to the summer schedule. So look out everyone, here she comes. Talk about high energy! She's got it and it's really really contagious.

10th - Carving stamps - 1-3 $15
13th - Fabric Doll with Debbi Crane 10-12 $25
13th - Bat in a Box with Cheryl Prater 1-3 $25
13th - Booksigning with Mixed Maniacs Authors, Debbi & Cheryl 3-5
17th - Photo Transfers 1-3 $20.
18th - Woven Book 10-3 $40.
20th - Doodle Journals with Carol Sloan 10-3 $45
25th, 26th, 27th - Hendersonville Quilt Show/Vendor

1st - 13th Closed
17th - Meandering Book 1-4 $30
18th - Fabric Wall Hanging 10-4 $90
23rd - Strip Cards 1-2 $10.
24th - Soldering Microscope slides 1-3 $30

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  1. ARRRG....I hate to miss Carol's class. I will be leaving the 19th. I also am not sure about when I will be there in August. Maybe we can talk about that sometimes when I get by there. Maybe I can get there for June 18 woven book class with Jen. I will let you know if I can make it.