Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Believe it ....or not.

See that rusted wholey paper as the background?
That is how I started this project.
I thought that it would make really nice rolled
paper beads with a coating of UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder)

In my spare moments at the show in Blowing Rock, I
started the process and lucky for me I had the
gentle guidance and expertise of jewelry artist, Louise Mc Clure
to assist me along the way.
She knows everything about connections and wire
and beads and design and composition so having
her by my side was a big big help.

So, off I went on my adventure to create the beads
and I must say it was quite fun.

I distressed a shiny chain in Blue Patina
and watched it turn dingy. What a concept huh?
Rinsed it in water and wiped it off.
Presto, a distressed finished to along with my beads.

After each bead was rolled up, I applied embossing
fluid and UTEE. Then I heated it each one
with several applications of UTEE.
You can see the shiny-ness of that process on the
dull, rusted wholey paper.

With Louise's assistance I created multiple beads with
some African trade beads, recylcled glass beads and copper
It was an NO RULES experiment in full force for me!!!
What fun and I love the results.


  1. Oh Jane--this is so great. I love this and have so been wanting to make something like this!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. this is absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful, fun - love the colors and your inspirational mottled paper!

  4. Jane!! Great Job and a super use for that awesome paper. Stop by my blog and see what I ahve been doing with beads.... Great minds and all that....

  5. great job missy! how did (is) Jen's going?

  6. She got into a very ambitious project so it's still in pieces.

  7. Wow ... ♥ this so much ... such gorgeous color and texture. Fantastic.

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    oh this is chunky loveliness!!
    gave you a follow