Friday, September 04, 2009

Color this, Journal that...

Just in!
New book written by Diana Trout is here!

It's all about mixed media techniques for "free expression".
One of the first things that Diana writes is
"forget about the labels such as artist or writer"
Just do it... no pressure to "be an artist".
She suggests that you leave the the labels out
and simply be a person who enjoys making art and writing.

Her book also contains great step by step, full color instructions
will make the process of art journalling
easy with full color techniques throughout such as...

I like the matte feel of the paper and I enjoyed
deciphering her scribbles around

the book pages. It shows me that she is just like
us, trying to figure what goes where & when & how.

Each page of instructions and how-to's are clearly
written with a common sense approach to materials.
All in all I would definitely recommend this
book to someone looking for some simple,
no frills approach to putting the paint down.
And, the side dish of encouragement
goes a long way.

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