Saturday, September 05, 2009

Who's your Da da?

Linda & Opie's book is finally here! Actually it's early as the release date was in October.
The first time I heard of this husband and wife team was in a studio publication written by Teesha Moore. SHE discovered them and that was it! Then they "happened" to be in Saluda for some unknown reason and spent the weekend at our place. It was pretty primitive back then but they didn't seem to mind. ( you know artists) Then Opie and I discovered that we have the same birthday, June 10th. Gosh that was long time ago, at least one other book ago Now we see them from time to time at different shows but we are pleading with them to come to our new studio to teach for a weekend - heck! Why not a week?

What about their new book?

Inspired by the "Dada" notion of making art from materials
that would not typically be combined or expected to go together,
and driven by a similar sense of irony and humor,
this exciting book by Linda and Opie O'Brien
shares their unique approach to making mixed-media dolls.
It is not only a "must have" volume for anyone interested
in found object art and the human form,
it is a thoughtful and provocative exploration of the power,
symbolism, and cultural significance of dolls and representational figures.

Wait ! ! ! There's more.... full color pages, lots of ideas
tips, techniques and way out fun!

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