Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The show continues...

The ONE and ONLY mixed media sculpture
found in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Looks to me like they are still working on it.

A couple that we met here from Charlotte, NC
call these the camouflage trees. Up close the
muted colors of rust, ochres & chartreuse blend
with the brown earth tones. LaSabana Park in
San Jose is filled with these trees and no one seemed
to know, or care, what they were.
What a great background for art work, huh?

Each night we sat here on the terrace and played
cards, read, visited with other Americans & Canadians.
The peacefulness of the night overlooking the pool
was always a soothing way to end the busy day.

But, during the day, this crystal clear pool was
my respite.

Another flower market on Avenida Central in Downtown San Jose.

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