Monday, September 28, 2009

Costa Rican Observations

While enjoying the lush grounds at the
Finca Rosa Blanca coffee plantation in
the provence of Hererdia, Costa Rica,
these unusual plants caught my eye.
These unique flowers filled with water as the rain fell
and continued to look as though they stayed full
the entire day. Quite an amazing plant in my estimation.

In San Jose, Costa Rica, the capital city, we spent
much time walking through the sometimes
hazardous sidewalks & streets. Hazardous to us because the
driving practices are clearly dangerous and
hazardous because every sidewalk, anywhere you go
has holes in it... BIG holes. Holes big enough to
lose a child, even an adult. No marking, no covers,
no warning, just a hole.
I could do an entire photo essay of the holes
found in and around San Jose.
So, while avoiding the holes and the
possible broken bones we would duck into
interesting museums that we found enroute.
That was part of our adventure
and in the Teatro Nacional, we found a lovely
exhibition that included textile work by
Dinorah Bolandi
along with a friendly tour guide
from Overseas Adventures that was happy to
include us on the tour.

A simple path leading to the spa
at our hotel in LaSabana Park, San Jose.
Simple, clean, undisturbed, nurturing and silent.

On the wall grew contrasting vines that
grew profusely as grass and created instant
attraction. Inspiration for color choices in an
upcoming journal page? Maybe so.

The colorful display of local flowers spill
over into the Mercado Central in San Jose.
Everyone has fresh flowers in their house and why
not? With the temperate climate, only 9 degrees from
the equator, of course everything would flourish.


  1. Fabulous photos!! Wahta wonderful trip!! I am sure that many creatures depend on that plant as a source of drinking water throughout the day. personal drinking fountain , No waiting!!
    Have a safe and wonderful tiem- don't take your eyes off the sidewalk!!!

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