Friday, May 18, 2007

I tried and I tried but it just didn't happen,then I started pulling the trash out of the garbage can. In the bottom, I knew, that I tossed the whole container of vinegar, fabric and steel wool. What?You ask, was I doing with all that mess in the first place? Well, 4 of us in the Altered Art group wanted to try our hand at rusting,,, so we did. But on Tuesday it was still just a dirty mess with smidgeons of steel wool floating around and attaching itself to the fabric. Yucky and smelly.
I thought I might save it but instead I threw it all in the trash can. On Thursday I dug deep to the bottom of the can, through all that other trash only to find it. Sure enough, it all rusted through and through. Now what lovely project deserves these beautifully colored fabrics? hmmmm. Maybe some pages in Meg's altered book? Hmmm .... nice idea, I think that I will write it down and sketch it out so I don't forget.
I guess impatience was the one key ingredient that kept me from seeing that fabric turn rusty. I just didn't add enough of that to the mix.


  1. Jane
    Seeing your rust first hand on Saturday makes be believe you are the 'Diva Ruster'! Your pieces looked great. I'm going to try the method soon. Well, maybe not the 'throwing it in the garbage' part.

  2. Penny7:36 AM

    Hey - I like Randomly Altered Divas because not only do we alter 'stuff' each of us has been 'altered' by our art.

  3. hi jane,

    glad to help out a fellow atc swapper :)

    enjoyed reading this post...too funny about the garbage "trick" (just say you meant to do that, hehehe)...

    have you heard about using salt & vinegar chips (any brand will do) for rusting? i've not tried this, but some people i know swear by it...

    happy creating!

    mary ann :)

    p.s., will be back to visit :)