Thursday, May 03, 2007

Now... the car is packed and ready to go with room for luggage. How about that? Just as the rain decided to fall upon us the final box was loaded into my little matrix. Just a tad bit of room left for an overnight bag.
We are so excited to get there but a side trip to Chipotle in Winston Salem is a must. This great mexican fast food restaurant that started in Denver, Co in 1993. It grew and grew and now the same fabulous, grain fed chicken and veggie stock foods can be found all over the country. Thank goodness for Chipotle. Yum Yum Yum. What an awesome break in the middle of a road trip. Soon I hear there will be one in Charlotte at Sharon Amity & Randolph Rd.
Now that's only 1-1/2 hrs away from Saluda. Here we are at a Chipotle in Orlando back in February after we worked the Creative Palette Convention in St. Marys, Georgia. HAD to locate the nearest ones while traveling. The quest for the nearest Chipotle continues as we travel to Virginia for Art and Soul. Sorry Richmond, you are not in the line of travel.


  1. I'll have a burrito, no rice, black beans, Babacoa, pico de gallo, guacamole (yes, I know, it's extra) and cheese.

    Jane, you should come visit me -- there is a chipolte 2 miles from the house....of course, the nearest Random Arts is about three hours away. Closest Portillo's? About a 14 hour drive.

  2. And, you can add Raleigh to the list; there's a Chipotle about a 10 minute walk from my house (good for working off those sour cream induced calories!). If you're anywhere near Chantilly, VA, there's one there, too. We found it on our way to the Dulles Expo center in March. Yum is right, though we actually prefer you have one near Saluda?