Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look at those shoes... completely covered with colorful beads! How could I not take a picture of Sophie's shoes? If her shoe habit is this bad at the age of 7 what can she expect at 25? How girly are these? I would wear those if they made them for adults or I could sit and bead them myself when I have nothing to do. hmmmmmm. Maybe I could get Sophie to help now that she will be out of school for the summer.
My ATC swap cards have been mailed in to Chrysti in Raleigh for the "Get your doodle on" swap. Doodling really isn't my thing but she was so enthusiastic about the doodling that I just had to join in. She is enthusiastic about all her art and she has this positive energy that goes on and on and on. Once I started, I realized that I was NOT a doodler. Oh well, it was a stretch for me with a lot of practicing and stressing, of course, to get to the "finish line". I guess that I take things too literally and my expectations are quite high. So, I started with some copies of some drawing from an old readers digest large print and started doodling over the top of those, adding extras, using colors, including some of my own doodles along the the way. Is that cheating? Drawing over drawing? I don't think so because I altered what was there, added my own and "kicked it up a notch". One of my first experiences in the art world, that I remember, at the age of 6 or so was taking drawing classes from someone in the neighborhood. She set up easels for us along with charcoal pencils and the interesting smelling eraser. Loved it and still do to this day. Thank you Chrysti for getting me going.
Katie Kendrick, mixed media artist, will be here in June to teach intuitive face drawing and mixed media collage and I am hoping that I can be a part of those classes. I always choose instructors that I want to learn from but never get an opportunity to get in. This time I will make every effort to do that. I need to do it.... for me!

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  1. That was the whole point of the swap -- for people to stretch themselves, try somethin 'new', and to hopefully have fun in a no pressure way!

    I think the process of trying, experimenting, and stertching ourselves is ultimatly what benefits us most as artists, my workshops stress that.. and end up being a bunch of fun, and hopefully a lil growth spurt too.

    I'm envious --- katie Kendrick is ont he shortlist of instructors I'd love to take a class from, I have a series of paintigns I'll be sharing soon, inspired by her faces -- of course, they have my ownt wist to it, but she was the bas einspiration, it's sumthin' I never would have tried anyhow!

    Thanks so much for joining in, can't wait to see your cards!