Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are you stuck?

I didn't feel stuck at all the day that I did this bird collage up in Blowing Rock at the Believe in Yourself retreat. This was a simple use of torn up magazine pages, choice of colors and the time, the place and the creative energy that was nurturing each and every one of us. Not to mention that I didn't have the distractions of dishes, laundry, work, phone calls, remodeling, tv and all the rest of that stuff. So off I went to create this amazing piece. But, not all days are like that as we all know.

My inspiration of the day? Maybe it's time for a Reinven-tage invite from Rebecca Parsons.
Is anyone facing the fairly common complaint like mine? Why can't I create anything today? What is going on? How do I change it? What do I do next? Now what? and so on and so on and so on. It happens to me everyday and everyday I wonder how I am going to get out of that space and into a place of peace, serenity and creativity. After I read Rebecca Parson's blog today I remembered what it was, that I liked about her, when I met her here at Michael DeMeng's workshop back in May.

These are some of Rebecca Parson's creations from her blog: Cre8tiva

Something Rebecca told me then is that she teaches creativity workshops along with the faux painting and that she made a commitment to create "a face a day" for the new year. When you visit her blog you will be able to see what she does and where her creative and spiritual path takes her on her daily journey.

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