Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The best intentions

Time and again the lack of inspiration
bogs me down, and I feel the drain on my artistic energy.

It is so debilitating to
the psyche to just sit here and nothing comes.
I look through some
of my magazines such as Cloth Paper Scissors,
searching for ideas, clues to what comes next.
Where are my ideas? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!
Where's that muse that everyone talks about,
that everyone know, that everyone has and owns???
Where where where? I have a deadline here !!!!


  1. Meg Fowler12:06 PM

    Well, that elusive muse of yours surely ain't up here visiting the mountaintop!!! I think she snuck by in the middle of the night and took mine with her. I've been missing her for quite some time.

    Where? Oh where?

  2. seems the Muse doesn't like deadlines because it never fails as soon as there's a deadline on my artwork, I've got nothing!! I hope she returns to you quickly.