Friday, October 05, 2007

Who's This?

I just couldn't stop when it came to creating this "masterpiece" out of torn magazine pages and precisely after I was inspired by a Renaissance painting of the Madonna. I know, I know, how did the inspiration become the reality? Not sure but I know that I tilted the head to the side a bit the way it was done in the painting and ... PRESTO ! It became this.
It all happened the weekend after Patti Brady, nationally known Golden Paint rep, and artist was here teaching. Does it look like Patti? NO, it doesn't, but she has green glasses and she has black hair with some orange accents. It is not a duplication or "copy" or a "look a like" representation. It is just what it is. It's torn paper pieced together to form a portrait, of sorts. It came to be after playing around with several other pieces after Meg Fowler gave us a mini lesson in our Randomly Altered Diva Group. Other than this wild & crazy gal with the orange hair, here is some of what I have done so far & a very special thanks to Meg for her instruction and inspiration


  1. Hi Jane, I love this! How or can i join your group?
    Sorry Tony and i havent been down to see you yet but we've been so crazy since our furniture finally got to us after 7 weeks.

  2. these both look great!!! i wear green glasses too, so i'm especially fond of that bit!