Friday, October 19, 2007

Cloth, Paper, Scissors,Visitors

Yes, visitors from Florida, Pittsburgh, Greenwood,SC, Raleigh, Las Vegas, Hendersonville, Asheville, Georgia and across the world have come to shop here since they saw us in Cloth Paper Scissors.
They come bearing gifts, like ATC's that they have created and were anxious to trade when they got here. Mara and her mother Tonya from the Raleigh area spent an entire afternoon with us, had lunch in town and then we got down to business.... trading ATC's. They wanted to trade 3 each! How lucky am I? They told Jen and I that they "love" Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop" book and that they use it as their "technique bible" of sorts and they do a chapter a month and work on perfecting those techniques. It was synchronicity that they told us that since earlier in the day, we had said the same thing about her book.

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