Saturday, October 27, 2007

You need to see this...

Meet Gina
No, that's not her over there with the red head, that's one of her altered works of art. One of many, I should add.
Gina is from Leesburg, Indiana, which is somewhere between SouthBend and Fort Wayne. . . A Hoosier, you see, hmmmm, that explains everything... or not.
She's a writer, a mixed media artist, a blogger and she loves Saluda. Just click onto her blog and you will see all her work & read about her instant attraction to Sauda &...that she NEVER wanted to leave here.
Creatively, she's right there in the middle of this tug of war with her passion & creative yearnings for more time to do what she really loves and of course, the real world. Her Blog features the COOLEST music!!!!I want THAT Eagles music and that 70's & 80's rock.

Gina Smith and her husband, Paul made a detour of about 1 mile off of I-26, to stop here when they were returning home from Myrtle Beach, SC.
What did she do at the beach? She did her art stuff, of course and created that awesome shadow box shown above & probably a whole lot more.
She read about us in the last issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and instinctively knew that she had to be here. They not only enjoyed our shop but a relaxing lunch at the Purple Onion and some tidbits from the WildFlour Bakery.
How could she resist the art, the food, the trees, and mountains?
But wait! It's not all about us. It's about her and all those swaps that she is in and it's about her involvement with Artchix and Zne, all of which I am "so out of the loop". Tell us more, Gina. Better yet, keep showing us more. We will all be checking in our your blog:
Lillys of London*ish
I wonder what she is going to do with that "wholey paper" that she bought here, huh?


  1. Oh my gosh-what a big surprise-I cannot belive you wrote all that! And yes, wholey paper is on the menu today! I have seriously got to quit my job and move to Saluda or your daughter's house. Oh wait, there's that little part about income! Sheesh. Thanks again for everything! Gina.

  2. Hi! I found you on Gina's blog! I'm sssoooo going to find your shop, the next time I head to Florida. I am in Wheeling, WV, where I am hoping to open my own shop, soon! We, also, are interested in unusual supplies for creating! Our sweet little town is just champing at the bit for artistic growth and we hope to be part of it. Nice blog. I'll surely be adding it to my blog roll! :)


  3. Hi Jane: so whatcha doin when you're not swapping ATCs, blogging, running the most fabulous little shop for creative mindfullness, selling vacation property and keeping Paul out of trouble?

    I miss you!!

  4. Gina rocks! You're right on the money about her. Next time I'm out your way I'll be stopping by!

    Congrats on the Cloth, Paper, Scissors item!