Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finally... a space!

Yes! After all of my whining and cavetching about not having a "studio", I found a space to call my own but I had to give up my clean, well designed, place to eat, completed, not under construction part of the house, DINING ROOM. Now, it's just 2 quilt work stations with sewing machine, cabinets, lots of space to spread out and a dining room table pushed up against the buffet. I have tried this before but I always went back to cleaing it all up, getting rid of my stuff and making it a perfect little dining area. The light is pretty good, huh? But, alas... I spent about 8 hours today creating my 12 pieces for the reunion of the "divas" from Kristi Steiner's retreat here in Saluda.
It could have been a cancellation on my part, to participate, since I hadn't even started this project. After today I am 99% complete. How about that?
A sneak peek at what it to come - NO 2 are alike! How is that for creativity?And while all this was going on, Paul was cutting off pipes to the old bathroom and soldering them shut until we get the new fixtures. Almost a disaster but thanks to a dear friend,they saved the day & I could continue on with my creative endeavors. Whew.... close call.
I can hardly wait to share. The unveiling is not until Nov 11th and there will plenty of pictures at that time from 11 others who are part of this exchange. Really, can I wait that long? SSSSSS

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  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Jane, I am sooooooo impressed!I've been working on mine for over a month and just now am almost finished. Love your peek, can hardly wait to see them all. The light in your newly created work space is great! So how freguently did you really use that dining room anyway?