Sunday, October 05, 2008

Glorious glass bead leaf

How could the colorful North Carolina fall leaves
look any better?
With Glass Bead Gel, of course.
This is absolutely the coolest product ever
and last fall we discovered a brand new way to
play with it.
Day after day we all talked about
how beautiful the autumn leaves
were. so we took things into our own hands.
"Let's coat these leaves with Glass Bead Gel and
see what happens!"

It's crystal clear when it dries
and it brings out and intensifies
the already breath taking colors.
We sold so much that we ran out before the leaves
were gone last fall. Now a year later we are
fully stocked, waiting for more treasures to fall
from our trees.
I have already started coating some leaves
that I picked up after walking and
each leave reflects the gel differently and
I am already thinking of other ways to use
these jewels in more creative ways.

We would be happy to ship your jar of
glass bead gel, just in time to preserve
nature's beauty.


  1. I LOVE the way it makes the leaf look. I'll order some via email!