Friday, October 31, 2008

It all starts with nothing -

On a rainy Friday recently, 6 of us gathered to create
the woven book using imported Italian
Text blocks, fabric scraps, fibers, sari ribbons & photo transfers.
Everyone brought in their trusty sewing machine to assist in
creating magic with our materials. Interestingly enough each
person in attendance brought a color coordinated array of fabrics
and an enormous curiosity to what the day would bring.

As we progressed with our weaving, we readied our projects for the
organza overlay. With that in place, it was time to sew.


Adding & spritzing walnut inks
onto the fabrics brought some of the values
down somewhat and gave the fabrics an earth
well worn vintage look, while Louise chose
to use all white tones keeping it quite simpleThis is where the magic happened since our "floppy"
cotton strips seemed a little measly to create a book cover.
Once the random stitching was complete we saw
our piece beginning to take shape.

After a long awaited day we were finally ready to
"distress" our fabrics. Oh no! All that work
and now we are going to torch it?
Not to worry, it only burns a little bit!

Louise still has a little more to do to complete her work...
Barbara chose a photo transfer using a photo from
Ghost Ranch in Sante Fe, NM
Chris & Barbara used the exact same fabrics
with totally different results.
Vicki loved the softness of her piece without
the distress and chose not to add that element of style to hers.
Lauren kept the sides of her woven book cover
uncut and plans to attach a photo transfer
with extravorganza. A completed book cover is near at hand.

Last but not least, Holly chose colors that
in the same family that work really well together.
As a finishing touch she chose a vintage
buttons and silk ribbons as a focal point.
A few little details and she'll have this
woven book cover completed.
Great work everyone... or should I say "great play"!


  1. that looks like SO much fun and the books turned out beautifully! Wish I could have been there...

  2. It WAS loads of fun! Thanks Jane for a great day. Then the bonus of last Fridays stamp carving workshop....You have brought my playful side back!!! Thanks,Cris

  3. Thanks Cris, It was as much fun for me as it was for you. Keep on playin'.