Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I love this new issue of Quilting Arts because I had time to go through each and every page this morning while I was at the dentist office. It came in yesterday and I had the foresight to take it with me today, just in case I thought there would be a wait. OMG each and every page that my creative little fingers touched excited me even more.

The first thing that I saw was an article by
Jane LaFazio who was working with... sheer organza.
How cool is that, I just bought some of that today
for my woven book cover project. Of course I needed
to see how she used it and it gave me a few more
ideas that I jotted down for myself.
Home Free Collage with Sylvia Naylor are projects that she creates
of the various homes that she had lived in over the last decade.
The thing that I liked about her collage projects is that she
worked small, about 12 x 12" and she does everything
in paper first. Her designs are simple with the illusions
of lines, doors, windows,roofs & chimneys.
All in all it looks like a project that could
be easily undertaken by any of us in a short amount of time.

Margaret Applin, fiber arist, has an awesome
article & project on how to combine
journaling and art which she
calls "Scrap Wisdom". Isn't that cute?

It goes on and on... I could make each
and every one of those projects. This is
the best issue ever.

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