Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiting. . .

I wait all summer for this spectacular show and every year it is well worth the wait.
My beautiful Heavenly Blue Morning Glories perform
in grand style despite our lack of rain this year.
Not only do I wait for these to come full circle,
but each year I wait for the seeds to arrive in the mail.
Those little packets that sit there ... waiting...
to be opened and placed in the warm rich earth.
These are one of the first things I see when I go
into the kitchen for my morning coffee.... oh yes coffee.
Each morning looks better than the last one
with more blooms reaching toward the sky.
They must really love the cool evenings here in
the mountains because I never ever had a show like
this living in Chicago.

Let's not forget my all white cosmos that seem
to take center stage right along with the Heavenly Blues.
I can plant hundreds of cosmos seeds but they always come
up white. This year the combination of the blue
and white are perfect, don't you think so?

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