Friday, October 03, 2008

It's a woven wonder workshop

Great idea for gift giving!
Several months ago, my friend Marney showed the book group here, a woven wrap for a journal that she created using fabric scraps, fibers, & ribbons. With that in mind I decided to take it to an different place and chose to make one of my own, then another and recently, 2 more.
It's fast, easy and fun!
Out of that idea came an inspiration for book covers for our Italian imported text blocks. These come in lined and unlined as well as wine journals & address books. We offer ivory & white as well.
The thought of doing case binding was way too defined for me so this loosely structured option became a reality.
Last week Jen and I decided to make another textured fabric piece and after choosing color coordinated fabrics and such both of us ended up with a really cool piece. Now what? Then came the idea to form a workshop that encompasses the creation of the wrap and then completion of a book cover over the text block. Hence the Woven Wonder Book Cover Workshop on Friday October 24th from 10am till 4pm.
Additional text blocks available in wine journal or address book formats

Color choices of fabrics etc are yours to make and bringing a sewing machine in to class is a must as well. Not to worry, it's not like you are making clothes or anything. Think of a sewing machine as a means of attaching 2 things together... like a brad or a staple or glue.... same thing. only much more fun.
These high quality text blocks make bookbinding even easier. They
are hand crafted in Italy and are acid free lined or unlined versions with
many different sizes available.

In this all day workshop you will learn about color choices, design, simple weaving
techniques, embellishment, photo transfer, simple basic sewing machine techniques,
and simple book covering ideas.
Date: Friday October 24th
Time: 10 am till 4pm

Cost: $40
Some supplies will be required.

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