Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All bobbins are not created equal, as I found out last night when trying to fill a bobbin for my little old fashioned , sometimes working, Singer/Merritt sewing machine. One bobbin is thinner than the other one so it wouldn't fit when the cover was closed and another one wouldn't go in at all. I guess I only have 1 bobbin that fits this machine, Yikes!!! How long have I been sewing? Only since I was about..... never mind it has been about 40 years. Oh my, that's hard to say after another birthday this past weekend. After setting them all (3) side by side I realized that there was a major difference so I am thinking that I need to get a few more of those little guys for good measure. All my quilting friends are probably sitting there, reading this in disbelief, right girls? You know who you are. I will get there one day at a time and take these baby steps along the way. My machine did help me make this new cuff although some of it had to be sewn by hand since my needle didn't want to go through all this material. Any suggestions anyone? On the UP side. . .
wait until you all see my closure on this one. A few of us were discussing this on Tuesday and then I showed Jen one of my most recent finds. Her response "closure!". So off I went to adapt that item to my cuff and as soon as it is complete, you will see it.


  1. That cuff is going to look GREAT on me! Thanks, Jane!

  2. Linda Holmes4:35 PM

    Hi Jane, There are "leather" needles that are very strong and very sharp. I wonder if they will fit your machine. Anyhow I bet you would be able to sew through all of that with one.