Saturday, June 23, 2007

Apron Attachment

My vintage apron took center stage for Michelle Czulada when we "posed" for this cute little shot at Katie Kendricks' class here in Saluda. Michelle is an
"apronista" who creates and recycles vintage fabric, tablecloths, clothing and decorator fabric into trendy and usable aprons. I recently acquired a collection of "grandma's aprons" and instinctively knew, when she shared her love for aprons, that no one but her would appreciate their unique character. She especially loved the length of this little, cotton,polka dot number. Don't I look cute? Michelle has inspired me to look at these vintage articles with a more discerning eye and appreciate the history and stories that they tell. I made my first apron in 4-H when I was about 12 and then had to model it at a 4-H fashion show in Crown Point, Indiana. I remember how nervous I was getting up in front of this huge crowd wearing my little cotton apron with
"pulled- thread" fringe carrying a matching scarf. That is how long I have been using a sewing machine and I still didn't know that all bobbins were not created equal. Oh well. That's why I surround myself with artistic and creative and like minded women who teach me something new each and every day. How fortunate am I?


  1. Michelle C8:54 AM

    Jane, have you seen the apronista website? It's chock full of vintage apron-love! ;o)

  2. yes, you DO look cute, mz jane, and that apron you're wearing is just de'bomb!!
    xo katie

  3. love, love, love your apron, Jane! A book artist friend has a beautiful stash of 50's and 60's aprons thar her mother just handed over to her (lucky girl!). It's made me lust for my own collection. And since I don't cook, I've decided they'll all simply have to be "art aprons!"


  4. Oh Jane, you look adorable! I hope you will be posting pics of the other aprons you acquired....although I don't need anything to tempt me into another item to collect :)

  5. Ohmigosh! 4-H demonstrations! AAAAHHHH! Mine was "The Proper Way to Set a Table," and my best friend's was "A Vegetable Platter". All I can remember is her saying "and then you dip them in a bowl of ice wa-ter" over, and over, and over again! Demonstrations, making aprons (we didn't have to demonstrate ours, though, thank goodness, since mine was pretty hideous), and baking snickerdoodles are my enduring memories of 4-H on Long Island, NY in the '60's! Thanks for reminding me...I think! LOL