Monday, June 04, 2007

I finished my cuff and I love the way it turned out. All those rusted fabrics that I created 2 weeks ago worked really well in this color scheme. I even rusted that piece of eyelet tape and used it as a trim on one end. A vintage metal button with a leaf imprint served me well when I applied it over some rusted scrim. That photo transfer idea kept coming back to me and I knew I had to use it in some way on this piece so it found a happy home along with the other vintage items. Velcro become the closure since it is difficult to make buttonholes in this mesh. Maybe someone more experienced in sewing can find a way to make that happen. All in all I am pleased with the finished project however I still want to add more layers and maybe even do another piece of mesh on top of the first one. Stay tuned and try some for yourself. It is quite fun and it's easy and fast.


  1. SusanH11:48 PM

    Wow!! I love this - now I'm gonna have to drive up that mountain and check it out!

    This is gorgeous!

  2. Penny7:46 AM

    Wonderful outcome and isn't it neat that the rusty stuff worked well in your bracelet! Hooray for digging it out of the trash can.

  3. Jane, Does your cuff smell better than the pile of rusted fabric? LOL
    Carolyn in Cullowhee