Sunday, June 03, 2007

My new ideas for the wrist cuffs have been "percolating"for the last several days so I knew it was time to get started on this before I went stark raving mad, or forgot everything I thought of.
The process of working with color always intrigues me, especially when I have so much to choose from. It is definitely a "process". Using the mesh ribbon as a base, I decided to leave it the neutral color for the rich autumn color scheme that I had in mind. That seems to work well providing me an even, non-obtrusive base. Once I chose sari ribbons that I wanted I began to weave it through the holes of the mesh randomly. No need to go through every hole since you will stitch it later with your sewing machine. (the sewing machine is not a necessity but a lovely option for embellishment) I love using the machine because it tightens everything up a bit.
Now I lay all of my other color coordinated embellishments out on the work table and "take a look at what I have". Wow, I didn't know that I had so many things to choose from... well.... maybe I did. So, off I go deciding what fiber, what button, what bead, what ribbon etc. and how to lay it out. That's the fun part. Actually the whole thing is fun and I can see how I could become drawn to this fabric thing.
This is how far I have gotten on my cuff so this is all I can share right now. I encourage you to try it too and just see the possibilities in this. I am thinking about doing this for my 6" Tree Collage swap with our altered diva ladies. I have to do 12 so each person gets one and if I sew them together and do the weaving and sew on top of it, I think that it will pass for a quilt square. Now, to figure out how to weave the tree into it and as I think about that I am sure I will get more ideas.


  1. what gorgeous pictures of piles of luscious fibers.......makes me want to go pull out some fabric and get going!

  2. Meg Fowler10:53 AM

    errrrrr ... ummmmmm! Was I asleep or something? Six inch Tree Collage? Twelve of them? Duh! I don't know anything about that. Love, love, love the idea ... but where the heck was I when this was announced??? (Or have I been kicked out of the Altered Divas???)