Monday, June 11, 2007

Look! I can draw! I just started doing this and I am having way too much fun. Drawing on these new 6 x 6 papers from Basic Grey makes it feel so easy. I used a black Stabilo pencil along with a very cool white gel pen from Sanford... the Signo UM 153 white gel pen. Love love love it. I am using that for highlights and outlines and it really makes a difference in my work. I really never drew much but with Katie Kendrick coming this weekend, I have been "pre-inspired" !


  1. these are great jane - I can tell you are have some FUN here!! i am so excited to board my plane tomorrow and finally set my feet down on your precious north carolina soil. i can't wait to meet you, and my students, and your sweet friend Katie who is so kind to put me up. see you in 2 days, jane!!

  2. Georgia Caldwell4:27 AM

    Jane - I just love your drawings! So fun and inspiring!

    Georgia (from Asheville)

  3. People should read this.