Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Custom Cuffs

The day before Jen left for her holiday in Sweden, she came in to show me her latest cuff that she created. She used "chocolate" from MOda fabrics and recycled Sari Ribbons in bright cranberry and sand tones. She pulled it all together by sewing it with gold metallic thread and raku faces that she purchased from Janet Lasher at the quilt show in Charlotte last year. Very cool, Jen.

I almost completed my latest one and Jen had a great idea for a closure..... which was my stumbling block to finishing it..... a garter. Finally someone found a great use for that "thing". Only those of us who remember "having" to use it can relate. You young people think of it as a Victoria Secret dating thing.
Anyway, it is such a great closure. I wrapped my longer sari ribbons around the end and stitched it close by hand to secure it.
The other end is cloth and rubber so I slit the cuff and inserted the cloth and stitched it close to the end and trimmed off the excess. How awesome is that? Yeah!

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    You and Jen just keep the ideas coming,don't you. Great cuffs.
    Carolyn in CUllowhee