Monday, June 11, 2007

This is how it all starts with a basket of fabric scraps, mesh ribbon, painted fabric from a class with Gabe Cyr and some ideas that have been churning for the past few days. I loved that organza that I had painted with Lumiere and knew that some day it would serve a very good purpose. The colors were bright, festive and full of energy, unlike my very pensive mood on Sunday afternoon spent on the back porch.
I felt that the cuff needed some altering this time by changing the size, so the first thing I did was to cut it in half lengthwise. Now I had
cuff only 1-1/2" wide which opened up a whole new canvas for me.
The colors of the southwest popped up when I began to use some of the
Sari Ribbon packs and chose some luscious colors to work with.
You can see in that photo that it starts fairly rough with a
simple weaving of fabrics. I also added some of the rusty fabric
that I created a couple of weeks ago. Silver Art Girl Charms seemed to be the finishing touch! I love it.


  1. Oh Jane, that is just gorgeous! Great job! How does it close?

  2. Forgot to mention that there are several ways to add a closure. This one will have a larger snap hand sewn on but others have velcro,although I really do not like that option. Buttonholes are another option as are a loop and a button or bead. The loop works well for the ones that arent so wide.