Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just one week from today Katie Kendrick
(top photo)will be here in Saluda teaching to an enthusiastic crowd of artists. Those in attendance are coming from as far away as Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee as well as North and South Carolina. We are all eagerly awaiting Katie and I sure am eager to take the drawing class on Friday. Ever since I received the issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and read her article about using your non dominant hand, I was hooked. I had even heard of Katie Kendrick before that. Shame on me. That's ok because I, at least know who she is now, and SHE is coming to Random Arts, right here in Saluda.
One of my dear friends, Katie Marley (bottom photo) is offering a room for Katie while she is here in Saluda. Isn't that sweet of her? When we stayed at her house in Orlando she was the ultimate hostess, providing us with everything we would have ever needed. Now she will be offering the same royal treatment to our teacher, right here in Saluda in the mountain retreat. Thanks Katie.
(Not to confuse Katie Marley, our friend with Katie Kendrick, our teacher from Seattle)

Quilters and those that appreciate hand made quilts are the most generous and thoughtful people, don't you think? I was talking to a woman from Blowing Rock today in my shop and I mentioned that we were going to Blowing Rock in Sept for the Believe in Yourself Retreat with Kristi Steiner and Susan Edmonson. One thing led to another and I somehow invited myself and Jen to visit her home there. I know, I know but she was very gracious and gave me her phone number etc and told me be sure to come by and she would show me her great grandmother's quilts. How awesome is that? Another example of the generosity of those connections made with quilters. Of course I offered to bring a bottle of wine so we could sit, sip and enjoy the vistas of her mountaintop retreat.

North Carolina Quilt Symposium 2008 here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mail today arrived our invitation and registration for the symposium in Wilmington, NC for next June. WE were invited to be a vendor! Of course, of course we will be there in full color with all of our "assorted goods for creative mindfulness." Details of this event will be continuously posted to our blog and web site but in the meantime look for us in Hendersonville NC for the quilt show there at the end of June. This just gives us one more thing to look forward to in our "adventures on the road".

NEW!!!! RANDOM ARTS T-SHIRT COMING SOON....... Shhhhhh, it's a secret.

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  1. Georgia Caldwell4:25 AM

    When will Katie be doing her next mixed media collage there? (She's so cool!)

    Georgia (from Asheville)