Sunday, April 22, 2007

Doesn't everyone know how much I love country western music and country bars in the middle of nowhere? hmmmm, neither did I but by the looks of the pictures I might be having a darn good time at Stacey's Old Faithful Bar in Gallatin Gateway, Montana. And get a look at that 80 something heart throb on the guitar. He is dressed for action, isn't he?

Unfortunately for me I just wasn't dressed the part for one of the last of it's kind country bars in the Bozeman area. Everything is gentrifying here and this is one of the last hold outs. Everyone from cowboys to ranchers to college kids to normal people like me frequent this hot spot for music on Friday and Saturday nights. Last night it was Victoria's Secret Agents. I know, I know. That was the name of this group with a steel guitar and all. I just found out what that was from the cowboy next to us, Eddie. I thought that the guy was playing a piano. Boy do I have a lot to learn.
Today was a hike to the top of the M. which is Montana State University, Bozeman area where everyone goes to hike. My daughter, Jonquil told me it would be easy, it wasn't. For her it is since she works out everyday and runs marathons, but I did it and I was glad that I did. Here is the source of my inspiration... if they can do it so can I. Telling myself that I had all the time in the world to do it helped too.
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Until tomorrow.


  1. Jane: your box is packed up and ready to go. I wish I was with you in Montana. Looks like you're having a real knee slapper of a time.

  2. Cindy Trobaugh5:18 AM

    Jane, finally, you are learning about real music. Nothing beats good country sounds. And your hat looked good too.

  3. Meg Fowler10:43 AM

    Jane: That sure does look like ME struggling up that mountain! Where'd you get that photo?

    Cindy: I agree!!!