Monday, April 23, 2007

Today started with a little drizzle and cloudy skies but the excitement first thing was the golden eagle in the tree across the street. Can you see it without my zoom lens? Really, it's there. Later on we saw the bald eagle and a red tailed hawk in the same tree.
After the "let's walk outside and see it" event early this morning we were off to get apples to feed the horses, although the drizzle and mud kept us from staying too, too, long. THEY were hungry.

Late in the afternoon I walked down Main Street in downtown Bozeman. peaking into the antique shops hoping to find that special something & into card shops looking for the perfect card or paper & clothing stores, just because and then serendipitously into Bear Comforts quilt shop
where I met the lovely store owner Lisa Carter.
I was in heaven with all those colors and textures, oh, oh, oh. How long can I stay? How much can I buy? So sorry, we are about to close. "that's ok,I can shop fast". Moda, batiks, hoffman..... love it.
On to the Home Page Cafe' for a little internet access and blogging.Here I am taking a picture of myself in photo booth on my MacBook. Since it looked so bad I had to do a little reimaging with Apples Photo Booth effect and saturation tools. Believe me it looks a lot better than when I took it. Use your imagination, if you will.
I looked sort of scary before but now you have to read between the lines or look between the colors, I can only think of the possibilities with these effects. That means from here on out you will be seeing bazaar effects appearing on this blog. What has happened to me? This conservative state of Montana might just throw me out.
The night is still young as I drop into Looies underground at 101 E. Main Street in Bozeman to wait on my daughter to get off work. It's all about food wherever I go with her. I won't be surprised if I gain 10 pounds this week.


  1. Jane: I love your travel journal. It's makes me long for dusty roads and cold beer. Hey, wait, we have both of those in Georgia. I'm getting thirsty.

  2. meg fowler5:31 PM

    Quilt shop,hummmmmmm ... and I remember when you were afraid of your sewing machine!!!

  3. Well Jane, thanks for the prompt to go to your blog. It's all new to me. Quite nice. Another great thing about dropping in and finding