Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good morning from Saluda. Having a laptop is a wonderful thing, but having a MAC laptop is even better. Wow, I feel so special however it is all new to me to be able to wake up, pick up my little bitty Mac lap top, while still in bed and start working... Did I say working? I guess I did and I guess I am. A laptop and a camera in my laptop. Wow. It doesn't get better than this.
I am still in recovery mode after that awesome workshop here at random arts with Janet Lasher from Charlotte. Everyone loved what they created using encaustic processes and the critique at the end of the day gave each of the participants an opportunity to #1 look at each others work in an introspective w ay and #2 to take a second look at where they might improve there technique, design or composition for future works.

The weekend spent in Charlotte at the quilt show is still fresh in my mind and more and more events from the weekend continue to surface. Our conversation with Valerie Fox from Fox Family Farm was certainly a highlight for us. Not only did we have the opportunity to meet her but she personally invited us to be a vendor at her annual benefit/fund raiser at her farm in Waxhaw, NC. They are in their 3rd year for this gala event held in their horse barn with enormously tall ceilings that openly express the need to have beautiful quilts hanging from the rafters. Each year they feature a local artist and this year they have chosen Fulvia Lucianao.
Jen and I are so excited to have this unbelievable opportunity to be in the midst of the these fine artists and quilters from this area. If you go to the their website you will be able see all that the Fox family does to make this dream come true.

Camp Sew & Sew is being hosted by Melinda Rose of Sew Originals in Boone, NC and Winston Salem, NC at the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center in Boone, NC on August 9th, 10th and 11th this year. We will be attending as a vendor for this event and hope to be teaching one of our unique, one of a kind fabric books while we are there. This event and sale
is open to the public for the entire weekend so if you are in the western NC area this summer be sure to stop by and see our assorted goods, take a quilting workshop or "lust" over the work being done by other quilters at the event. Boone, NC in the summer... it doesn't get better than this, so mark your calendar now and email us if you have any questions.

Etsy has become my new favorite place to shop and it should be for you, too. Right now I have added my wholey paper & copper mesh sheets to the supplies section and will soon add the large sheets of mica and all the other assorted goods for creative mindfulness. BUY! SELL! AND PLAY ON ETSY.

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  1. Sherry3:34 PM

    Jane, thanks for the info. I too am a member of etsy-just have not gotten my cards posted yet. I will be looking up your " stuff". How do I find it without going through 50,000 items???? Also, I was wondering if you have any books on making collage greeting cards -especially ones sshowing ideas and how to place prints on top of printed collage. Thanks- Sherry. Do you have any pics on your website of the two ladies collage greeting cards? Have a FANTASTIC time in the hot springs!!! Sherry