Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have a new look on my blog. I like it better but I still do not know how to access all the features. Like, how do I get my picture on the side bar? I am having a little trouble with that one and I want to know how to do it all before I go to Montana this week. Each day I hope to take you to a distant place ( not too, too far) through my travels. Be sure to leave comments. Yesterday Tony told me how those that leave comments on his blog have the opportunity to win something every month like a bead or a charm that they handcrafted. I will be doing the same but in order to win you have to leave a comment. It could be as simple as " I read your blog, love the picture" with your name.
More pictures of yesterdays class are added today. The energy was so captivating and Lisa is such a patient, generous, humble and encouraging instructor. We hope to have her back in August for a 2 day workshop with Green Girl Studios. ( I think I said that in my previous blog)
Oh well. it's early and my coffee hasn't started working yet.
Now that my kiln is set up and I have a griddle for warming and Jen knows how to work it we are seriously thinking about setting up a pmc group here that will meet once a month. The details haven't been worked out but I am extremely anxious to start this process since I have never been able to take a class. With a kiln in place I will also be able to fire pieces that you create at $20 a firing. So, what that means is you can create all that you want, bring them in and get them fired. I might set a "firing date" once a month as well so everyone will have a chance to get their pieces in to me. Anyone wanting to learn pmc can contact me via email or blog or phone or coming in. Communication.... there is no excuse any more.......


  1. Hi Jane,
    I think you can insert a picture in your right column by: going to the Dashboard, clicking on Layout, then click on Add Page Element. Then choose "Picture" from the various categories you'll see there. Upload your photo, and voila! I just did all this to launch my new blog: Artventuring, so I'm feeling excited and proud of myself that I was able to figure it all out! If you have a moment, come over and say hello. Thanks and good luck!

  2. Janie: love the new look. What did I win? : )

    I'm in the Chicago airport waiting to board the plane back to ATL. Quilt Festival was a blast. Post and pix to follow. Your Wholey Paper was a huge hit! xoxox cheryl

  3. Penny8:04 AM

    Your blog site looks great Jane.


  4. i read your blog
    sign me up to win a prize
    i LOVE pottery
    too bad i don't live near you...i'd LOVE it all.....

  5. Hi Jane, I'll see you when you get back. I'll be keeping track of the Ramdon Traveler. Have a GREAT visit
    I love your blog.