Thursday, April 12, 2007

What a surprise it was on Wed to see 2 of our new friends from the far corners of Georgia visit our shop. By far corners we mean as close to Alabama and Florida as one can get! We met them at the Creative Palette convention in February and they were dying to see our shop. So, off they drove, 7 hours to see Random Arts in person. They loved us and we loved them! It is really a joy to see those familiar faces again in Saluda. Last week we had several quilt artists visit us who saw us in Charlotte and decided that they needed to make the short drive to Saluda to spend the day and in one case... the night. That's right, we have bed and breakfasts here in Saluda, each with their own unique flair. Some with a view, most have incredible breakfasts and all are welcoming and inviting. Thanks to all of you for visiting us in Saluda. Isn't it fun?

On another subject, I am getting all giggly preparing to go to Bozeman, Montana next week to play... Just a week in this beautiful part of the country to visit my daughter who volunteers for the wilderness society and works at looies and works out 24/7. I am so excited to get back there and visit chico hot springs, shop the thrift stores, eat, cook, visit yellowstone again and on and on and on. Yesterday another customer who recently moved to ohio surprised me at the shop, melanie kocher. What a joy to see her again after a couple of years. She, too goes to montana once a year and she told me about the boulder hot springs in boulder montana. its only an hour from bozeman so that is a must for a couple days next week. maybe i will see some snow. pictures will follow so stay tuned to see my adventures in the west.

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  1. Constance Vlahoulis11:24 PM

    Jane-- you have been such an inspiration to me even though you haven't seen me in a while.
    (tall fake;-) blonde from High Vista in Mills River. I've introduced a bunch of gals to your place).
    When I moved from Michigan in 2003-- and after a hard core 17 year Real Estate career ending-- YOU and your Creative Process and classes helped me to reconnect with mine.

    I always loved ART and had just started pastels in MI 6 months before moving. I wanted to paint but was scared silly.

    So a few workshops and a hundred rubber stamps later--- I began with Collage and mail art and just foolin' around.
    Then I started to paint again... this time in OIL.

    Then Dec 28th 2005 a good artist friend, Mary Short, suddenly DIED.
    Not sick..a very young 59...

    THAT propelled me to ACT and to SHUN fear.... it's really Fear of SUCCESS acually I think we have...

    Some paintings work... lots do not.. but I keep trying. It's that silly fun stuff that I ALWAYS still do when I need to relax.
    (Had an old friend GASP when she saw all the stamps I had brought from you ;-)

    So just by following my bliss... an ART STUDIO became available in downtown Hendersonville... 443 N. Main at 5th above McCarter Gallery.
    I was going to go into it with 2 others artists. Then, they bailed on me.
    I got such a calm feeling and it seemed my friend (that died) said----Things are falling together-- there is nothing to worry about.--

    I signed the lease MYSELF.
    And I have created something real special. It is different than what you are doing as it is all painting (in any medium).
    Read about it on my new website (I did MYSELF):
    There on the links page you'll see your place listed as one of my muses...

    The Conn-Artist STUDIO is due to open in 10 days or so. Besides painting with my Mom.... we offer OPEN STUDIO.
    So, for folks referred to us we have a special price of $10 day
    (T-Thurs) -- any of those days 10-4ish. We supply the tables and easels.

    We are not a retail place but of course folks will wander up and hopefully to moved to Support Living Artists ;-)

    My goal is to become a better artist. I figure if I can help others reach that goal also...well all the better.

    Again, I thank you for your generous spirit that has spilled onto folks that you may not see regularly...

    Love and Light (heavy on the light ;-)

    PS we'll be open most Fri/Sat; for 1st Fri Gallery Walks, by chance & appt. During week when I am there-- door downstairs will be unlocked and signage available to explain ;-) Please stop by when we get going. I'll send a Grand Opening invite...