Thursday, April 19, 2007

In case some of you haven't met Jen, here she is. She was an energetic customer who loved what our store was all about. When the timing was right she started working here part time and then 4 days a week.... until she and husband decided it was time to have a baby. Torsten is now 2-1/2 yrs old and is a ball of fire... just like her. Now she works one day a week but I think that for most of us her one day is equal to 3.
Recently Jen and I started working on using a woven wired ribbon about 3 inches wide to use as a cuff.

Since we started we have sold tons of the ribbon and had a multitude of ideas on how to use it as well. My thought was to sew pieces together for a purse, or amulet bag. someone else suggested belts. Right now I am sticking with a cuff since I can work on it in my small space without any trouble. The first one I did with red ribbon and then we found the natural. What we like about the natural is that we can paint it with lumiere. Jen painted hers with Citron Lumiere and proceeded to weave batiks and ribbons through the fibers. Finishing touches are metallic threads, buttons, beads and a closure. We love it. Any one up for a challenge? We certainly can see the possibilities, can you?

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  1. It's Jen - my long lost energy twin! I will send you some goodies for the show, Jane. xxoooxox cher