Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My old sewing machine with straight and zig zag will get a real workout again with my latest project...I found another jacket to alter with some of the fabrics that I found at the quilt shows and other trips and this is the beginning of my adventure with this one. It's almost like working on a collage with paints and paper since there is a blank canvas of a jacket and i can go in any direction. I just lay pieces out in various places an start pinning. Eventually I will add more lace, antique buttons, maybe some beads and of course this great chenille that I sell in the store, in 1/2" widths. It comes in a roll in many colors and you just sew it on (or when altering books, glue it on) then "fluff" it up by washing it or brushing it. I usually add 3 or more layers to give it more texture.The finishing touch is always those antique buttons that I am saving for just the right project. The saga of the altered jacket will be continued but in the meantime -
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  1. Did I win? Did I win? Jane, I wear an 8 in a jacket, how's mine coming along? :P

  2. Hi Jane, love jacket, I think I shared with you that I have saved jean jackets to alter to renew. The idea is wonderful, You are haveing fun and it will be exciting to see the finish. so much to do and I must make more time
    thank you again for the sharing and the blog

  3. Hi Jane,
    I once sewed antique buttons to cover the back yoke of my granddaughters jeans jacket. The jacket was soooo heavy, at 4 years old, she could hardly get it on! Don't do that.
    Carolyn Martyn