Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Right now, at this moment, my daughter Jonquil is baking lamb cakes for Easter and is planning on sending them off. She is carrying on the tradition that my Grama Teutemacher started when I was a little girl. Every year at Easter we could expect a lamb cake with toothpicks embedded in the ears to make sure that they didn't "fall off" during baking. She would spend hours frosting the cake and covering it with coconut. Green basket grass was used as whiskers, and jelly beans for eyes. Now Jonquil is doing the same thing at her young age of 34. She loves old things and is a hopeless romantic who wouldn't settle for an aluminum repo of the lamb mold. She HAD to have the old cast iron one that Grama Teutemacher used. Once she found it, she was on her way to a baking frenzy.
Not only is she baking these, but she is frosting,decorating and mailing them out from Bozeman, Montana to me and her sister in Charlotte. I wonder how they will fare out during all the bustling about in those big post office trucks? Picture to follow.


  1. This is really nice...following family traditions on Easter is surely a great thing...and well as Easter is almost here i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and check out all the wonderful stuff it's filled up with...have a great time!!!

  2. thank you for the comment - looked at your website - loved it