Friday, April 13, 2007

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He follows his dream... after moving here from Cape Cod, my friend Joyce Berger's husband Ralph began taking welding classes and is now selling his work at galleries and shows all over the southeast. The photos that Joyce took of his work and of him are extraordinary, don't you think?

On another topic, I am eagerly anticipating Lisa Blackwell from Zoa Art, teaching venue here today. She now lives in Tucson with her husband Tony Blackwell and teach PMC all over the country. I get to try out my new PMC kiln that I bought last August. Now that Tony set it up and it's ready to go I might be using it for what it was intended... precious metal clay. Today we will do pmc earrings with resin over collage/photos. Can't wait.
Earlier this week Tony and Lisa brought "Green Girl" artist Cynthia over to visit our shop from Asheville. Some of you may be familiar with Green Girl Studios that we sold a few years ago. Cynthia carves molds out of polymer clay, and forms the charms using pewter. We are talking to her about doing a "duo" workshop with Lisa.

Only one week until I leave for Bozeman, Montana to visit my daughter, Jonquil. I am counting the days and while I am away I will be blogging every day (I will try) so you all can see where I am and what I am doing. Bozeman is such a cool place and right near Bozeman is Chico Hot Springs, Yellowstone and more. Stay tuned for more day to day excerpts from Saluda and...Montana.

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